Found a recipe that lived up to it's claim to be Paleo, easy and yummy. From the What Runs Lori blog comes this moist, hearty, delicious sweet bread (recipe on that link). Since it was Saturday, and we'd just gone to the Farmer's Market, I happened to have everthing on hand. It was all mixed in one bowl with no difficult prep, as can be common in trying to paleo-ize "regular" recipes and after one taste I knew I'd found my go-to recipe for using extra ripe bananas. I'll still consider it a treat and not a staple, but I'm happy to have found something like this my family and I can enjoy on occasion.

My only mods to the recipe as written were I used coconut oil (melted) in place of the olive oil, honey instead of maple syrup (on accident, I just put it in before I realized it wasn't syrup) and I used the NuNaturals MoreFiber insterad of the plain BakingBlend, because it's what I had on hand. Once they're out of season, I might sub the cherries with some chopped extra dark chocolate next time. Or maybe blueberries...I see a lot of options!

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