2 days to the weekend (never enough) and my list of TO DO's is growing.

  1. Take my 13 year old on a taste test + compare of the two, newish frozen yogurt places in town.
  2. Help above child clean her overwhelmingly messy bedroom (the above which is the activity we'll only do after the room is done) in preparation for the school year starting in less than 2 weeks.
  3. Something fun. Movie? Splash in the river?
  4. Normal laundry/kitchen/chores/daily life.
  5. Bake something from among the number of recipes I write down + tweak throughout the week.
  6. School clothes shopping for 13.
  7. Gym or hike once.
  8. Walk once.
  9. Crafts, of course, in the in-between times.
  10. Farmer's market.
  11. Grocery shopping.
  12. Prep my lunches for next week (I'm certain this breathtaking salad will be on the menu.)
  13. Go through and donate clothes and shoes that I don't need in my life and my space any longer. And actually take them to Goodwill, rather than let them sit in the trunk for, oh, 6 months or so.
  14. Try not to buy myself anything for the next couple weeks. I have enough. I need nothing else right now.