1. So, yesterday we had to say goodbye to our oldest daughter as she heads to her new life with her Army husband in the very far-away state of Kentucky. Easy to say it was one of the toughest days I've ever had. Of course, I am excited for her to "start her life" but I would be lying if I didn't say it breaks your heart when they finally go. We love you Shadey-shoe, more than you can possibly know until the time when you have babies of your own and experience that gut-wrenching emotional tie to another living being. You are amazing and a big reason why I am the person I am today. You were the first to make me a mom and it's totally honest to say I learned as much from you as you from me.
  2. Linda Woods and Karen Dinino are two of my favorite authors. They write books about art and life and a lot about their love for cookies and Trader Joe's and, as sisters, for each other. Their latest book, You Rule: The Art of Taking Charge, recently came out and I was thrilled to create a piece inspired by it and them. Their stories of current predicaments and vivid memories of a self-described erratic childhood help share their wit and wisdom while encouraging us each to take charge of our own lives. They are big proponents of journaling as art and each of their books go further in helping you get out your own story in your own way. It was a great exercise for me to try and document a few of the "rules" that I try to love by. Things I've never really put into words but help guide me anyway, when I take the time to really listen to my own heart and head.
  3. We got a new car. And by we, I mean, my husband talked me into it, but I get to drive it mostly and at first I thought it unnecessary and then we roadtripped in it and OHMYGOSH I LOVE IT. A Ford Edge in the most delicious magical raisin color. A red-brown-cinnamon-mexican-hot-chocolate-mole-sauce and fresh plum COLOR that I can't really describe without all those food adjectives. And the whole roof is one big sunroof that opens up and lets in the breeze and it has navigation and Sirius radio and when my cellphone rings it answers it in the car so I can just talk through the stereo and, did I mention I LOVE this car?
  4. Just documenting my complete love for blueberries right now. They've always been my favorite fruit, but growing up but that just really meant "I love Betty Crocker blueberry muffins." We live near a pretty awesome U-pick blueberry farm and they are the biggest, sweetest berries you'll ever have. No kidding, look at these pics, they're as big as quarters!
  5. Haven't had a whole lot of movement on the scale front for a while, bouncing up and down through most of the summer. I suspect that's because I've lost a lot and now is when it starts to slow down. I'm down 65 lbs and want to lose about 50 more. Still a lot of work ahead of me, but, since it's just a part of my lifestyle now, I have no doubt I'll get there someday since I'll just keep on keepin' on. 65 lbs is 25% of my previous weight, I have lost one-fourth of me!