1. My husband's cousin, Robert, passed away recently. They were very close and he will be missed terribly by his family and the many, many people he helped while studying theology and counseling in college.
  2. Another beautiful baby enters the world. I shot her sister when she was born 3 years ago also. Can't believe how fast time goes. Welcome baby Ally.
  3. Just a reminder I have a few sets of free printables for Valentines Day. They can be found in an earlier post here.
  4. 30 lbs. kicked to the curb. Not "almost 30" or "close to 30" but thirty actual pounds gone. I still have a long way to go, but the other non-scale-related benefits have been huge too. Smaller clothes, significantly lower resting heart rate, never winded, more energy, less stress...I could go on and on. It's enough to keep me going.
  5. Getty images recently contacted me to sell some of my photos as stock art on their site. I'm excited to be included in what feels like the cool kids' club and hope to have many photos represented there eventually.