1. Just thought this was a cool quote!
  2. This is such a cool project. a Self-portrait a day for like 13 years! I am really uncomfortable with pictures of myself, so my project for 2012 is to take one self-portrait a week. So far, so good. Some of them may end up here eventually.
  3. Cuc Tran Cafe in Wenatchee. At 44 years old I just discovered a love for Vietnamese food (thanks to my trip to Austin and No. 5 below) and the answer to that in Wenatchee is Cuc Tran Cafe. So good!
  4. For me, this statement is not only true, but clever and funny. I buy books like junkies by crack. Support a crafty Etsy girl with this totebag at Pamela Fugate Designs.
  5. Bahn Mi sandwich from a Vietnamese food truck in Austin. First time I've EVER tried something so different (different for this meat-and-potatoes-girl) and I fell in LOVE. So good. SO GOOD. Unfortunately I haven't found any place local that makes them. Suggestions from any locals?