Thought I'd share. I needed a set of Valentines cards for my kids to give out that weren't, you know, stupid. Or didn't imply anything that they didn't want to imply (Indy: "MOM, gross, I can't say 'be my valentine' to everyone in class! There are boys too, ugh!") These are not-too-frilly, not-too-lovey so I think they'll work.

Sized 11"x8.5" they should print in most standard color printers. They're 4-up, so print on something a bit heavier than plain paper, cut in half horizontally and half again vertically and you have 4 less valentines to buy. Works as is or will fit perfectly in your standard No. 5-1/2 invitation envelope. The original can be downloaded from my Flickr site, HERE. I also have a some other designs from past years over there: here (girls) and here (boys).