1. If I'd had this tissue holder, the last 7 days of my Bronchitis and insane combination of runny nose with congestion would have been much better. Well, maybe not better so much as cuter. The upside is my voice is now more Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat" and less sounding like an actual toad.
  2. The Belltown Inn in Seattle, is, in my opinion, the best deal in downtown Seattle. My daughter stayed for a whole month, (they have monthly rates as well,) while trying to find an apartment and we stayed recently while visiting her. If you're my age, you probably remember when around $100 for a night at a hotel was muy expensivo, but now, $100 for a DOWNTOWN SEATTLE hotel is "crazy cheap." Especially when you see these clean, modern rooms that are also well-located. And the staff is really helpful and attentive, too. I can't imagine why I would ever stay somewhere else if I want to stay in the downtown area.
  3. Fall is here. We have two ginormous oak trees in our front yard and each year I dread them dropping all their leaves. Yes, it's pretty, but it's a lot of work (something like 30+ bags) and I admit we're not great at it. I'm hoping this weekend we get it cleaned up.
  4. If you had told me anytime in the last 43.5 years that I would ever miss exercise, or more specifically, the elliptical, I would think you a deranged lunatic. But since I've been sick (#1, above) I haven't been able to get to the gym and it's making me cranky. Mostly because I'm afraid when I do get back, hopefully next week, that it will be like starting over. And getting to where I was was HARD. I hope it's not like that again.
  5. Riding the coattails of #4 is the shitload of Halloween candy I've eaten this week. 'Nuff said. Bad week to skip the gym.