1. This is one of the best descriptions I've ever read on the purpose (and necessity) of having a logo. I've been a subscriber to Before & After magazine since the early nineteen-ninetys. That is a LONG time and should tell you something about the quality of the information put out by John McWade and group at B&A.
  2. My good friend, Stephanie, sent me this. She's vegetarian, I am not. And I am finding myself in that weird place between being an omnivore, and really believing that humans SHOULD be omnivores, and yet feeling like we really SHOULDN'T be eating animals. I understand the "top-of-the-food-chain" idea and even the nutritional benefit of eating meat, but I do think "just because we CAN do something, does that mean we HAVE to?" Maybe one thing that comes with being at the top of the pecking order is using our brains/compassion to find other sources of protein and stop eating animals? Like maybe with the privilege should come the responsibility to not kill other things? I don't know, no hate mail please, I'm just expressing an opinion and a bit of my own self-questioning. One thing I DO know for sure is the "meat industry" is pretty abhorrent and I definitely don't support the feeding of hormones and think free-range is better.
  3. Pretty sure I won’t consider my life lived until I eat a Salty Pimp at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
  4. Really looking forward to the "Light It. Shoot it. Retouch it. Live!" class with Scott Kelby in Seattle later this month. I am a firm believer in never being too good or too old to learn something new and being passionate about learning is very important to me.
  5. My middle daughter is pretty interested in looking into modeling. We've been working on a portfolio of shots for her and this week she got up the courage to submit to an agency in Seattle. I'm proud of her. It can't be easy putting yourself out there in an industry pretty much aimed at making you not feel "good enough." She's a real girl with a real body and real insecurities and I think she is brave. And I love her.

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