1. One of my favorite images of my favorite time of year. This image also happens to grace the cover of the Leavenworth, WA phonebook. I took it at Smallwoods Farm, between Peshastin and Leavenworth, one of my favorite places to visit anytime, but especially in the Fall. I'm actually shooting there tomorrow, just in time to see this year's festive orange display and gorgeous autumn colors. Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. Hell's Belles is not only an all-female AC/DC cover band, but Angus Young himself (AC/DC lead singer) called them the "Best AC/DC coverband I've ever heard." If that's not a screaming endorsement, I don't know what is. And when you realize that they are playing in Wenatchee on November 5 as a FUND-RAISER for Wellness Place. I am fortunate to be able to provide much of the graphic design for Wellness Place and am happy to contribute what I can to such a great organization. The material for this show is one way I got to help. Wellness Place is entirely free and endeavors to provide information and compassionate support to individuals and their families dealing with cancer. Please get tickets to this show, it is seriously going to rock and ROLL the profits to Wellness Place, ha ha, get it, rock and roll?
  3. How amazing is this rainbow snap captured with my cell at 65 mph?? (I was a passenger, not driving.) It was the biggest, most colorful, brightest rainbow I have ever seen. Beautiful!
  4. Amtrak has been my mode of transportation every single weekend for the last month and I have nothing but compliments to them. Definitely a roomy, smooth, enjoyable, AFFORDABLE way to travel and I'm happy to have found how convenient they are for my frequent trips to Seattle. From Wenatchee to Seattle, a roundtrip ticket is actually less than gas for my car. No driving and beautiful scenery through the Cascade mountains and along Puget Sound makes me actually look forward to the trips.
  5. Ikea furniture. I know you either love it or hate it. I love the modern design and the affordable prices. Especially when we were trying to furnish a new apartment for our daughter. The bonus is that for a mere $99 they will deliver our entire order to her downtown apartment. DOWNTOWN APARTMENT with no parking, no convenient place to find parking and up 3 flights of stairs. Thank you, Ikea, for being a "starter apartment" option and for delivering. My back thanks you and my husband thanks you.