Watching "Dusk til Dawn" and editing a few photos from earlier today. One of my favorite cult-classic movies. Has George Clooney ever looked better? Seriously, I think not!

We took a drive this afternoon since the weather is so unseasonably warm ('ish). Drove through the Palisades, which are dark basalt cliffs that form a canyon in Eastern Washington. Very stark and steep and beautifully barren. From there you climb up and out onto the plateau (about 10 miles is dirt/gravel only), down into Waterville, further down to get back to the Columbia and back to Wenatchee. A loop which takes about 2 hours total. The late afternoon light was golden and gorgeous and added that little je ne sais quoi to such a windswept area. Totally relaxing way to spend the afternoon and it beats doing laundry hands down.