I love all the pink and red and hearts and love and goodness that starts to show up around Valentines Day. Maybe it's the color combination? The sentiment, of course, but there is something else that draws me to it. I wanted to offer a few designs as prints, as well as on other merchandise, (t-shirts, cards, postcards, magnets, etc.), so have uploaded a couple of my recent illustrations where I normally sell prints. I'll continue to add to them as I create things. There are many options, sizes and products available, and most of them allow for customization of the text and color as well, to make it truly personal.

Also available is one of my earlier illustrations from last year, the "Just be you" butterfly print. More about it here.

A couple different variations below. They one on the left I am hanging in my house. All the members of my family contribute to my happiness so those are the names I used. On the right, my brother's family, consisting of all boys, save for my sister-in-law. On this one I included their beloved pets. Love this design, so versatile, fresh and modern. I also had the pink one, above right, made into beautiful square cards. Will photo and post those when they arrive.


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