My oldest daughter turned 18 and wanted to get a tattoo. While this may or may not be something everyone thinks is OK for their kids, I have no problem with it. I am extremely happy that my older daughters make such good choices in life that despite all the normal temptations available to teens, all I literally have had to worry about is the fact that they each want a tattoo. Neither smoke, drug or drink and are even pretty serious with their hearts (ie: they don't date a lot of guys) so honestly, if a tattoo was my biggest concern by the age of 18, I think I have pretty good kids. They do have to be over 18 though. Anyway, Shade waited patiently and at almost 19 she got a tattoo of a flock of birds flying up across her shoulder blade. There are 7 birds, one for each member of her family, in age order.

Of course, I HAD to be there to document the event. Oh, and as long as I was there, I also got one. My third one, it features 3 beautiful bluebirds, one for each of my daughters.

Unrelated to the tattoo, I saw at the I [heart] faces website that two of my images entered into their logo contest placed in the top 10! The sweatshirt/sunglasses one tied for 5th and the painting on the knee came in 8th. Pretty cool, there were so many awesome entries.