For lack of better title, "OMG" must suffice. Look at what was waiting for me when I got home today. My latest product shipment from Prima. Words can not describe how...greedy? avaristic? drooling? I am at the abundance and beauty that that box held. 48 spools of woven ribbon alone! Packs upon packs of gorgeous flowers. Leaves, more flowers, ric-rac, rhinestones...a princess would quite honestly think she had gone to heaven! lucky girl me.
Also, my comp copy of Scrap City showed up at lunch. Imagine my surprise to see that I am the very first artist in the book! Not that THAT means anything, but in my mind I thought of the looky-loos who pick up and flip through a book without buying it. I'm the first one in there so they have to see me, right? LOL, weird logic, I know, and probably quite inaccurate (I almost always open to the middle or the back first). The book includes a bevy of talented women and I feel pretty damn honored to have ink in the same pages as they do. So cool!