We went to the zoo in Seattle this weekend. 80 degrees and sunny when we left Wenatchee, 50 degrees and pouring when we got to the zoo. However, being troopers, and having driven 3 hours, we decided to brave it anyway. Had a blast and, really, whats a little water anyway? We were dry by the time we got back to the hotel. Can you believe I got a picture of bats? In a dark room, no flash. My trusty 50mm 1.4, and holding very, very still (and luckily, so do they). The best time was in the birdhouse, where, for $1 you get a popsicle stick covered in peanutbutter and birdseed. You walk in and the birds flock to your stick. Indy was a brave and happy little girl!
As always with trips, good to go, good to be home.
I saw while gone, I was tagged by the ever-talented and super-kind Teresa to list what's in my _______. This should be interesting, I haven't shopped, or unpacked yet (and yet, I'm here online, gotta' have priorities!)

What's In your Fridge?

  • Fresca - Sparkling Peach Citrus
  • Carnitas (shreded pork and spices often used in Mexican food) (LOVE to mix this with BBQ sauce and put on soft onion rolls - easy and yummy)
  • Bulk box of individual packets of cream cheese (got tired of the kids leaving it out and it going bad, now, one bagel = one packet = no waste)
  • 4 doz. brown eggs
  • Heinz ketchup (we hardly eat a meal without it)
What's in your Closet?
  • 3/4 my stuff, 1/4 DJ's. Of the stuff that's mine, I wear maybe 1/10 of it. The stuff I do wear always gets thrown over the back of a chair by my bed.
  • Shoes I've forgotten about, because they're in my closet, but when I try to throw them out, I see them and say "Oh, I love these..." I have a LOT of shoes.
  • Purses I love and can't throw out (I'm sensing a theme here...) I have a LOT of purses.
What's in your DVD Player?

  • Aeonflux (will watch it tonight) edited to say it wasn't that great. Charlize Theron is always beautiful, and I like Sci Fi OK, but I don't like when they can make up any old thing and we just have to believe it, even though it is so out of the realm of the possible that your mind will not accept it.

What's in your car?
  • Lots and lots of CDs. Newest are KT Tunstall (you have to check out "Black horse and a Cherry Tree") and Rob Zombie (not for the faint of heart, but I LOVE his style of shock/goth/rock)
  • Indy's booster seat
  • A couple blankets
  • chapstick
  • A stadium seat
  • Assorted kids stuff: tennis shoes, headphones, a small kingdom of Happy Meal toys

What's in your purse?

  • Besides all the normal wallet, sunglasses stuff:
  • My work ID badge
  • Nikon D-70
  • Nikon P1 Coolpix
  • Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens
  • Burt's Bees lip balm (a must have)
  • 2 packs of peppermint gum (a must have)
  • receipts from all the debit card purchases from this weekend in Seattle
  • index card wheel, by Real Simple - i love index cards for notes and ideas, something about the heavier weight of paper. Makes it snappy!
  • a skein of too red yarn and a crochet hook. this particular red hurts my eyes - I just need to toss it.
  • Creative Home magazine
  • Oprah Home magazine
  • Junk Market Style premier issue
  • Prevention magazine

OK, nothing odd there. My purse (well, it's a messenger bag acting as a purse) is heavy though, need to get my cameras out and in their regular bag (7 million dollar in red)

I'm tagging Joy and Emily because I really want to know what's in their refrigerators! (Joy because she doesn't cook much, like me, and Em because she is a new transplant to the US and I'm curious how she is adapting!)