Studio Friday for the day: Playtime, which for me is doodling. Do I doodle? Does a chicken have lips? (I don't know the answer to this, but when I was in HS, a friend of mine (who I was quite sure would be President someday, his name was Brad Denton, if you know him, email me!) always answered yes/no questions with "Does a chicken have lips?") I don't KNOW if a chicken has lips, I suspect not, as they have beaks, but now, in my house, any obvious yes/no (rhetorical) question gets answered with "does a chicken have lips?"
ANYWAY, I digressed. Do I doodle? Hell yeah I doodle baby, on every flat (and many not flat) surface (have you seen my keyboard?? It lives for Sharpie decoration!) Here are just the ones I've done withn the last 24 hours.
Happy sunny Friday everyone! I'm off to Seattle in the AM to go to Woodland Park Zoo with Indy-bindy bottle of ink, cork fell out and you stink (that's not even her "official" nickname, which is "Indiana Alabama Papoose Caboose Jellybean Princess Punkin-Butt Lee Doughty." It's a mouthful, I know, but we hope she'll be spelling it all by 11th grade. LOL
luv, me, t!