My first "real" shoot, luckily with close friends, so I wasn't nervous and they weren't either. She loves Tara Whitney-style pics (who doesn't??) and wanted the whole couch-on-the-lawn look. Who am I to disagree as they are adorable and SO perfect for this family. These are a few of my fave shots (I shot 300 pics in an hour and a half - could not believe it.)

What am I most proud of? I shot manual for the whole thing, not an "auto" shot in the bunch. Wanted to prove to myself that, while auto does great most of the time, I could do better if I wanted. SO happy this has "clicked" for me. Feel like a whole new world has opened up, knowing WHY I got the shot I did and knowing how to replicate it if I want. understanding it is priceless. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.