I'm reading "52 Projects" by Jeffrey Yamaguchi and it made me remember a little project I did on my own last year. Never thought to mention it, but it really was a fun, rewarding, easy and worthwhile, so thought I'd pass it along for those of you who want to try something similar (or the same!)
I love the type of calendars that are the page-a-day type. Each day a different something in the same category. I have Knitting pattern-a-day and crochet pattern-a-day and for those that scrapbook, both the Designing with 2005 and 2006 calendars. I have calendars on an Origami-a-day and a Calligraphy-a-day. My favorite one, however, was last year's Itty-Bitty-Card-a-day calendar. It came with a little plastic caddy that held roughly 300 little cards (weekends shared a card). They were pre-scored to fold. On the right hand side was a little drawing or design or pattern. Something pretty or amusing. On the left hand side was the date. When the day was done, all you had to do was take the card out, fold it and you had a little, bitty card to send someone. So I decided I would do just that. I work in a large-ish company, with around 600 employees. I decided to send a card, anonymously, every single day to someone I worked with. Alphabetically seemed easiest, so that was what I did. And thinking the card needed a little something with it, I went to he dollar store and bought 6-packs of Chiclets gum. I love Chiclets! They're retro and fun and one of the nicknames I have for my three daughters.
Each day I took the card from the day before, folded it, wrote "from your secret admirer" and sent it via inner-office mail with a pack of Chiclets to the next name on the employee roster. It wasn't long before I started seeing them on desks and hearing people ask (when seeing it on someone's desk) "Hey, do you know who that came from? I got one of those too..." It was a great conversation starter for them and an even greater secret thrill for me.
Now, being that I am FANTASTIC at ideas and somewhat FEEBLE at follow through, I made it through roughly half of the year before running out of Chiclets and OOMPH. So the rest of the cards I keep, in a drawer, waiting for the day that some other inspiration strikes. And I am confident it will.
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