Time for the teaser! New month (and New Year) at scrapsahoy.com. Wanted to show you all what I really did to relax over Christmas weekend! LOVED the time at home, playing (and crafting) with Indiana. She made super sweet necklaces that I, of course, had to document. Love a child's innate giving nature.
On the yarn front, got this link from Berocco - SO loving these, easy-peasy and they look fab! Know I will be sportin' one by Monday!
Stalking the poor mail man next week! I won a hand-crafted, metal-rimmed, soldered ornament by the terrific Miss Teresa McFayden and I can not wait to hang it up. This kind of thing makes me so happy!
Curious. Excited. Confident. Optimistic. = me right now. Always love the new start of a New Year, where all things are fresh, new and possible.
Where will the year take YOU?
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