By Syb ( <---- luv her)! Four jobs you have had: Summer camp counselor for the YMCA Retail sales (clothing) at Lerner's Photoshop and Illustrator product manager for Adobe Graphic Designer Four movies you would watch over and over again: Fools Rush In From Dusk til Dawn Top Gun Officer and a Gentleman Four places you have lived: Anaheim, California Denver, Colorado Sun Valley, Idaho Seattle, Washington Four T.V. shows you love to watch: M*A*S*H (after all these years, I will still always watch an episode when I see one) House Medium any Friends re-runs Four places you have been on vacation: Ocean Shores, WA Vancouver, BC, Canada Orlando, FL Las Vegas, NV (my all time fave place to go) Four web-sites I visit daily: (they only update on Sunday, so it's only once a week, but you do NOT want to miss it!)
a huge assortment of blogs (see my list at right)

Four of my favorite foods:
ice cream
a really good salad

Four places Iā€™d rather be right now:
Las Vegas
in a lawn chair while summertime camping
any ocean beach
Redfish Lake, Idaho

Bloggers I'm tagging:
Knit and Purl Grrl