Indy says "purty-ful" as in pretty + beautiful. Now WE say purtyful. She also used to say "lasterday" and "nexterday" for yesterday and tomorrow. So we used to say it to her in reference to time. She's 6 now and those two have dropped out of our collective vocabularies. This is why I scrapbook, to recall these things. I'll put it here for now and someday, it will be a page. Back to purtyful though. See that totally rockin, cute-as-a-button notebook? It came from my friend Lain, aka knit and prrl girl. I left the envelope so you could see how cool her handwriting is! I love it too and I love that she made it special for me. how sweet is she? how talented? <-----------------------this much sweet and talented---------------------------> I love it Lain!!!
The flowers are what I've been working on lately. Little bits 'o fluff that are so fun to make and are so versatile. My friend Stephanie pins them to her sweater to close it. I have one tied to my purse handle. My friend Tammy is putting them on a scarf. I made a little card that says "Yeah they're cute, but what can I do with them?" and then lists about a bazillion things I thought you could do. They'll be $5 ea. at the bazaars, hope they do well. Too much? Not enough? Love 'em? Hate em? Lookin for feedback here...
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