I made a sheet of labels. Tongue-in-cheek, funny to probably no one but me. But this one made me laugh again today. Who am I kidding? My ducks are not in a row. They are so not in a row that it is highly unlikely they could even be called ducks. I was soooo looking forward to this weekend (hell, ANY weekend really.) I am all caught up with "requirements" and I have yarn and paper enough to stock a senior citizen center for months, yet I seem unable to do anything, commit to anything. I've pulled photos out at least three times, pushed them around half-assed. I've pulled out yarn and needles and cast on and ripped back out at least the same number of times. What is it? I know I perform better under stress. Have always known nothing gets me going, frees my mind, like a looming deadline. I can't even fool myself - tell my brain of some false due date. I think I need to be still for a bit and just try to accept this, that I can't be "on" all the time. and just be okay with it.
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edit: a layout using these labels can be found here.

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