Had a hankerin' for some (more) notepads that represent ME. Not corporate me, but me as I try to fit into the corporate world, but let a little me peek through. I am a doodler, and everyone who knows me at work knows I doodle as I'm sitting in meetings, or on the phone and it does NOT mean I am not paying attention. It's how I listen and keep my brain awake so I CAN listen. So I made notepads that look like I've already doodled on them, because they're a little subversive and NOT corporate and that makes me laugh. People I send notes to at work fall into two groups: people that laugh when they see them and those that say "uh, I got your, uh, note..." (and here their voice goes up a little and one eyebrow raises slightly.) I also made some sarcastic labels, but I'll save those for another day.
it's fun to let yourself show.
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