1. We have a new Army Infantryman to be proud of. Shade’s boyfriend, Eric, graduated from basic training last week and is headed to his first post in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I’m a Navy brat by birth and a long time ago I was an Air Force wife. I know the life of a military family can be full of equal parts pride and fear. We are thinking of you and all your brothers and sisters serving on our behalf.
  2. Been hiking a couple times a week and seeing views like this, literally, in my own backyard, makes me so grateful to live in this valley. The best decision I ever made on my own was quitting my job in Seattle and giving “two weeks notice” so I could move here. I didn’t even have a job, but somehow it all worked out.
  3. Our little valley lost a super young man this week. I did not know him personally, but both of my older daughters were close with him and I’ve heard many funny stories over the years. JD, you are loved and missed by SO MANY PEOPLE.
  4. Funny thing about Larabars. I tried one a couple years ago and didn’t like it. Then I got mostly serious about eating right (I try to follow a paleo lifestyle now) and after awhile it’s like my tastebuds reset themselves. Foods I would never eat before (most vegetables) are now delicious. My sweet tooth, GONE. Like many of you, I thought that was impossible, a genetic joke I was born with (baked goods and ice cream were the best tasting things on the planet to me,) but I can attest that it can change. I don’t crave that stuff anymore and am rarely tempted, indulging only very infrequently (and often feel sick afterwards.) I heard about Larabars and thought I’d give them a try again, because they are (usually) made from only 2-4 whole food ingredients, like dates, nuts and fruit. Maybe they changed their recipe? I don’t know, but they have a lot of flavor varieties and I’ve loved every one I’ve tried. Apple Pie and Cherry Pie are my favorites. (ETA: Unrelated to this, but related to Paleo, I just found this AWESOME story at Mark's Daily Apple, a main paleo blog. This young man's story is so inspiring: A Primal Comeback.)
  5. Things are clicking for me right now and weight loss has seemed almost effortless (almost.) I don’t get how I can do the same activities and eat the same foods and then suddenly it seems to melt off, when earlier weeks went by with hardly a budge. The human body is a big mystery to me, but I’ll take what I can get while I’m gettin’ it. Fifty-five pounds is now in the rearview mirror and 60 is fast approaching.