A few days past Friday, but not too big a deal, I'm thinking.

  1. Instagram comes to Android devices. So happy to have this now, been waiting a long time. I'm posting shots daily, so if you wanna' follow along, please follow me at "TonyaDoughty." I'd love to follow you too!
  2. Did you know you can grow your own green onions from the ones you bought at the grocery store? After you chop the greens off, set the bottom white part into a glass of water. Keep them in a sunny windowsill and they grow SUPER fast. My daughter used a dry erase marker to mark the height on the window and we regularly mark it, go to bed and wake up to 1/2"-1" taller onions. I've heard of some people keeping them going for months, but for us, we usually get about 3 full "uses", ie: Cut them all down to use (we freeze them if we don't need them immediately), put them in the water, wait for them to grow a good length, repeat until they dont seem to be growing well anymore. Not that green onions are expensive, but every little bit helps, right?
  3. A certain cool magazine might be using a piece of my art in one of their issues. Cool!
  4. Totally Rad actions used one of my "recipes" (I named it Peechy Keen,) on their site. I've talked about them before, they truly make post-processing not only easier, but more fun.
  5. I am doing really well right now. I can only attribute the new found success to the change in my diet (the word diet meaning the way I eat, not a short term thing,) which is about 80/20 paleo. I TRY for 100% paleo, but don't always get there. 80/20, plus my normal exercise routine, is really working and I am loving the results. I am already close to 50 lbs as I write this, hoping to be able to say that next week.

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