I totally forgot to post this earlier. Oops!

  1. We went to Coeur d"Alene, ID for our 15th anniversary last month. One of our favorite shows is Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" and two of the restaurants featured on his show are located there. We ate at one of them THREE times, it was so good. Capone's in Cd'A (and they also have one in Post Falls, ID) was the bomb! So, SO good! Pictured below was the Black and Bleu burger with garlic fries. Seriously these fries were amazing. I felt bad for my hubby that on our anniversary I was eating garlic fries every chance I got. Lucky he loves me! The other place, Jimmy's Down the Street, was also delicious. It was more a breakfast place, so we only made it there once. The Pecan and cinnamon rolls were fresh  made every morning and about the size of your head. So good. The chicken fried steak was probably the best I've ever tasted!
  2. The week after, we went to Boise, ID to visit my parents. I am a graduate of BSU and wanted to take my family through the campus. Man has it gotten bigger. Of course, I graduated, um, a FEW years ago. (cough...more than twenty.)
  3. The next weekend we saw Bill Cosby in concert. So fun, he's still got it. A master story-teller! (photo from his website.)
  4. What I drew on the cover of my new calendar for 2013. My motto for the coming year.
  5. This summer was tough. I went up and down the same 5 lbs. over and over. But, this has become a lifestyle for me, it's not a "diet" that I am on. I cahnged the way I eat and the frequency in which I move, get serious exercise every day. Eventually those 5 lbs realized I wasn't quitting, LOL, and they gave up and let go. Now, on to the next 5...