Ha ha, it's not midnight yet so I'm still on track. You had your doubts, I know (so did/do I). But she slides in under the gun.

Project 3 (fabric): I made a wrap/cozy for my mason jar. I use mason jars every morning to take a strong double-bag tea to work. The lid keeps it from spilling in my purse or car on my drive in. But the glass is always super hot. Good for drinking, not good for holding. Enter the wrap. Pretty easy, I just measured and cut a piece of batting (fleece would work too), allowing for a bit of overlap and an extra 1/4" all around for seam allowance. Use scraps, quilt up the front side. Cut a backing to it, put them right sides together, include a thin hair elastic (the wrapped kind) in the seam of one end. Double or triple or quadruple stitch over the elastic part to keep it secure. Sew all around leaving about a 3" opening in the middle of the bottom seam. Turn it inside out, poke out the corners and either hand sew the opening closed or machine sew all the way around right next to the edge, closing up the opening in the process. Sew a large button about 3" in from the opposite side that has the elastic. Et Voila, warm drink, cool hands.