1. Got a few new fonts from my favorite foundry. Letterhead Fonts are created by professional designers and artists. Most are authentic reproductions of period fonts with full character sets and beautiful kerning. Each LHF font is not only unique, but also versatile and practical. When I used to manage the Photoshop and Illustrator tech support teams for Adobe, one of our constant refrains concerning fonts was "you get what you pay for. Free isn't always free." A lot of tech support calls are necessary because of (bad) font issues. LHF fonts are NOT those fonts.
  2. It's beginning to look (feel) a lot like Christmas! OK, not quite yet (it does feel like it though), but I was dropped smack into the middle of holiday spirit when I discovered my Sirius radio has a couple all-holiday-music channels! Channel 4 is classic holiday tunes (my favorite) and channel 17 is more contemporary. This photo, from last year, reminds that this season will come and go too quickly. My beautiful daughter and new son-in-law are getting to come home from Kentucky for a few days at Christmas and I am going to relish every. single. second. Going to do my best to live in the moment and soak in the season with them.
  3. The above-mentioned beautiful daughter and son-in-law have a new baby. Meet Harlo. German Shepherd and possibly Husky mix, he is whip smart and quite possibly the cutest puppy ever.
  4. Anyone who knows me knows I am a lip balm fiend. I don't have one. Or two. Or three. I am being totally honest in saying I probably have more than a dozen in assorted purses and locations, and more likely a couple dozen. I probably buy 1-2 a week. This Mentha Supreme by Bigelow (bought at Bath and Bodyworks) is my new favorite. The scent and flavor is amazingly fresh and it's just the right amount of shiny without being sticky. Now I need all the flavors!
  5. Saw this on Pinterest and I'm sorry, but it slays me. I am a big fan of funny voices and accents (ask my kids how annoying it can be) and THIS is how I say "finger puppet." You can't say this without using a slightly creepy serial killer voice and this spelling NAILS IT!