Project 16 (fabric): I had some extra fleece left from the cowl, so decided, after holding my ice cold steering wheel yesterday ('tis the season) that I could use some car mittens. Mittens that just stayed on the dash for when it was cold. They aren't fancy, don't need to keep them in my purse, but have access to them when it's really cold and I have to head right out. Which is most of the time because I FLY out the door 5 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work, throw it into D and GO. Not a lot of "warm the car up first time". I'm hoping Santa brings me a remote starter for my car this year ;) These were super simple, I just set my hand down on the fleece, traced around it generously, cut out 4 of them (it was double-sided fleece so I didn't need to worry about getting the inside/outsides right), hemmed up the bottoms to the inside, then sewed them together. Like the 6-minute cowl, these were probably 6-minute mittens.