If you have kids, you know the popularity of the venerable "chicken strips." I've never been a huge fan, but am always happy when I see them on the menu (when we're eating out) because I know if nothing else, my kids will have something to order. When my husband (the main dinner cook in our house,) found a recipe for homemade chicken strips, I was equal parts wary and happy. When he told me the recipe was "from some chick called the pioneer woman," I had to laugh (and breathe a sigh of relief.) Most everyone I know knows who Ree Drummond is (the pioneer woman,) and knows her recipes feature good home cooking with fabulous photos that help practically guarantee success. Well, now I am a fan of chicken strips. These ones anyway. So much different then the restuarant or frozen variety. Tender, juicy, actual chicken flavor. Who knew?

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