A sneak peek of the second shoot (of 8 total) that I'll get to do as I cover the amazing whole first year of baby Asher. (Here is his newborn session.) He is such a handsome little man and getting so big, it makes me realize how quickly you forget those rapid-fire changes. My own "babies" are long past being babies and quick changes (except their mercurial mood swings, since they ARE girls, after all.) Having a front row seat to see Asher and big brother, Alex, navigate the next year is such a cool thing for me. We found a wonderful, wild but private, outdoor location that let Alex be 3 in the best sort of way: by running and exploring and digging and rock-hunting. Throw in the beautiful, soft light and always relaxed mom and dad and how could we not have a good session? Thanks Sandy and Juan, I'll have the rest of your images soon!