Sandy and Juan had "done the 3 year Walmart tour" for photos with their first son and had decided to "do it right" the next time around. When they contacted me, Sandy was 7 months pregnant and wanted to join my "Baby's First Year" program. The package allows for a whole year's worth of sessions which will be combined in a custom hard back album at the end of the year for a truly special book. Unfortunately, Sandy had complications with her pregnancy that put her on bedrest at the University of Washington so we were unable to complete the maternity session. (No problem though, she decided to dedicate that session later this year to her 3-year-old son.)

Well, last week I got the happy news that Sandy and Juan had delivered an amazingly beautiful and healthy baby boy, so I traveled to their home and had the honor of "doing it right" and taking his portraits. What I love most is meeting new parents in their home where everyone is at ease and baby is always comfortable. Just capturing images of real life in real settings. I'm not really one for the "hang the baby from a branch wrapped in muslin" photo. I want to give you authentic images that years later will bring a twinge to your heart and maybe even a happy tear to your eye. Photos are memories of a moment and some of the best are those that remind you of your new family back at the very beginning.

I also want to say thank you to Sandy and Juan for their wonderful personalities. I don't know how else to word it, but you two are just awesome. Super friendly in that honest, comfortable way. Outgoing and kind and I truly enjoyed every minute with you. I am looking forward to spending time over the next year with your growing family and know our friendship will continue.