A few new things in the shop. The sign on the left is going to hang proudly where it can be seen coming into our home. I just wrote from the heart about what is important to me, that home is wherever my family is and our enjoyment of just being together is what is really the most important. I have it available as is, or, if you wanted a different color way and/or number of people in the last line ("...Five people do."), just let me know and I can do that for you. The background shot is of the "supermoon" we had recently. Nothing fancy, but I liked being out there in the dark capturing a little bit of the magic. The "Note to self" is just something I realized: cheap shoes are just that. Not too well made, not very comfortable, don't last too long, kinda' smelly, LOL. The few pairs of GOOD shoes (Dansko, Jambu, Keen) I've bought, at higher prices, feel so much better on. Last longer, look better, totally worth the price. Shoes just might be one of those things where you get what you pay for.

Oh and I finally have  a Pinterest account! Yay, no more saving things to my computer, now I can "pin" and view them in a handy little format and from anywhere I have internet access. Follow me if you like! http://pinterest.com/tonyadoughty/

Now if I could just get over this cold/flu/blech I have, Spring could officially start for me!

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