I was in Seattle for the last few days to attend a few things. My oldest daughter is interested in the "Specialty Desserts and Breads" AAS degree at the Seattle Culinary Academy, so we toured the campus and program. I can tell you this, there are some amazing looking pastries and cakes coming out of that school. Since one of my loves is food photography (and especially baked goods) it's no stretch to say I am as excited about her interest as she is. And as a lover of baked goods, LOL, well, that's just a bonus!

I also spent a full day at the Washington Convention Center absorbing, like a sponge, everything I could from the fertile minds of Joe McNally and David Hobby, both photography masters and wizards of light ("small lights", AKA flashes or strobes.) Seattle was stereotypically rainy and windy (that's not unusual for March) but it still seemed like a nice, long few days of fun and good food and good movies. We love the movies and always take in a couple wherever we are (and usually one each weekend at home.) The best one we saw was The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Really enjoyed it. Matt looked as handsome as ever. He seems like such a likable, down-to-earth guy in real life. One of the reasons I respect him. I like very few celebrities, they all seem so worshipped for no good reason. But he seems to keep it real with the correct focus on what's important. Anyway, if you're looking for a flick to catch, that's a good one.

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