My friend Lain had directions for a cute little album on her blog. Her's was meant for all those wallet-size photos that come in the photo packages that you just can't give/throw away. I thought it would make a perfect mini gift album (thus mine aren't finished with photos or a title yet). It is also a great way to use some of that stash that you just HAD to have, but now can't find a use for. I'm famous for NEEDING more patterned paper than is humanly possible to use, and then never using the majority of it. My variation has 7 pages, plus a front and back cover and by slicing 1/2" off the long side of a standard 3.5" x 5" photo, this album will hold between 7 and a whopping 28 photos. Plus, thanks to the fold-out pages, there is ample room for journaling (less photos=more journaling, more photos=less journaling, duh.) The best part? You only need 20 minutes, 3 sheets of patterned or solid cardstock, a hole punch, and a scrap of ribbon. Of course, you can always embellish way more if you want! See Lain's directions here.