A couple new LOs to share. Digi products from Scrapgirls, DigitalDesignEssentials, DesignerDigitals and 2Peas. If you ever want to know what something specific is, please feel free to ask. I keep great records but am kinda lazy at typing it all out here. (And am totally appreciative of the great products available now!)

I had wonderfully nice comments and emails about the pear watercolor. Thank you! Patty asked what I used to make the black lines so crisp. It was just a Pilot Extra Fine Ball Pen. I used it to do the actual sketch first, and then went over the lines again afterwards. I really love that graphic definition of the black scribbly lines with the color. One of my favorite parts of watercolor paintings - the pencil lines you can see underneath - I just didn't have a pencil handy. And Patty, thanks for asking - you have beautiful work up on your blog, I was so glad to discover it!

Melanie, I'll have to think about it, but I am honored you asked! I'll let you know first!

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