Don't think I shared this one here (know I did on Flickr) and all posts can use sumthin' purty to dress them up, so here it is.

And an update for me on my list posted last time. There are a few things gone (yeah) and a few new ones (I started one I hadn't even conceived of within an hour of posting the list...I'm hopeless.)

Pink skull hat (surprise for B)

Modern blanket (crochet)

Cotton Log Cabin blanket

Flower scarf

New black skull hat

sling bag - The "dish towels as fabric" one

"wrap-up" album

Art spot/seasonal art

(Start and finish) puzzle album

(Start and finish) tag album

(Start and finish) file folder album

Find missing file tab punch

Hexagon blanket (pics to come - I LOVE it!)

Spiral experiment blanket

HOF entry

Pouch album

Frame "Silly things" print