Just thinking outloud, thinking maybe if I put this all down here I will be somewhat more accountable for it and GET ON IT.
To finish:

  • Pink skull hat (surprise for B)
  • Modern blanket (crochet) - do I love (LOVE) the red or not? decide
  • Tunisian felted experiment/potholder - finish or toss already
  • Cotton Log Cabin blanket
  • Finalize wording on photography price cards, then print and guerilla market :)
  • Flower scarf (I'm sending this to someone special)

To start:

  • New black skull hat when yarn arrives (for Mel)
  • prototype for sling bag that I've alredy cut out. The "dish towels as fabric" one.
Want to do:
  • Start an album that contains a "wrap-up" page of each month. Ongoing - will just grow and grow.
  • Find a spot to put a consistantly sized piece of seasonal art. And make said art. And make said art for other seasons so I can just swap them out with the seasons.
  • (Start and finish) puzzle album
  • (Start and finish) tag album
  • (Start and finish) file folder album

Must do:

  • Decide if I'm really going to start new felted bag and either rip it out and forget about it or start on it for REAL.
  • Pick up S & C at midnight-ish when home from Pasco.
  • Mail LO to SBT mag
  • Find my missing file tab punch - driving me crazy - all kids deny touching it
Should do:
  • Stop starting projects until I cross off some of the ones above!
  • Either hit SEND or CLOSE on the order form open for 2 days on my computer where I've ordered (want to order) 24 balls of Queensland rustic wool.

In other news: I'm SO EXCITED. And its not traditionally exciting, but scary news. Scary, exciting news I have been waiting for for 30 years. I broke my hip when I was 11 and it forever changed my life. I was active as a child and did gymnastics and rollerskating and loved to dance. But after that point, and complications from my surgery, I have lived the rest of my life in moderate to severe pain. I get no exercise, I often move like an old woman. My back is always hurting (from compensating for my hip.) Well, I just met with an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon and I found out today I can get on the surgical list for a hip replacement! I could kick myself (if I COULD) that I didn't do this sooner. The quality of my life would have been so much better. And now it will be! Scary, lots of rehab, but I see this terrifically awesome ability to move and be pain free waiting, just over the horizon. I am so EXCITED!