We got hit by a windstorm in our little town yesterday. 120+ winds ripped through causing power outages (ours was out about 20 hours) and hundreds of trees, ripped, roots and all, right out of the ground. Many fell on powerlines and houses, like in these photos. These weren't little trees, we're talkin' 60'+ pinetrees and huge Maples, which looked like the Whompin' Willow from Harry Potter with their limbs whipping around, snapping lines and windows.

All is calm right now, weather-wise, but people scurrying about, starting the clean-up. We were fairly lucky - we only lost part of a fence and some house siding, maybe a few roof tiles, and have quite an assortment of big limbs scattered about the yard. We did watch through the night as a huge pinetree on the edge of our property leaned so violently that the ground around lifted up several feet around it. We're not out of the woods though, as we are supposed to get another night (Tuesday) of 60 mph winds, about 1/2 the strength of yesterday's, but with lots of stuff being weakened, it might be bad then too. The temperature, luckily, was warmish, about 50, but our HIGH by Thursday is supposed to be -5.

The upside was after the last of the Nintendo DS's and laptop's charge ran out, we got to watch the girls be inventive. Yes, Indy chimed "I'm bored " and "this is the worst day of my life" over and over, but we did get to play some silly games of Telephone and Charades. Everyone slept in the living room, like camping, to keep warm.

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