Ali Edwards has issued a sort of challenge to choose a word, one little word, that will define your year. I hadn't really set out to do this challenge, but as I uploaded this layout it occured to me that I am stressed. Signs of stress include seeing the birds flying in the air and hearing a voice in your head say "oh, how I wish that was me". Or chanting "I wish everyone would just leave me alone" as you drive to work. I couldn't tell you any particular thing that has me stressed, but I am certain it is a compilation of things, like the 1,000 times in a day I hear a sentence that begins with "Mom..." or "You need to fix..." or "Will you..." or "I need you to...", etc.
I know a vacation would surely help, but as that isn't possible (for quite some time), I have decided to adopt hush. I'm claiming it as my buzz word for 2007, or, rather, my hush word. So although this layout was initially about the "pretty picture", it has taken on a new meaning that had not occured to me until this very post. I need some hush.