Went something like this:
Shade: Why do you have it so that key is removable?
Me: In case I don't want to carry all those others. With my car key and, like, my debit card I can take over the world.
Shade: And a bobby pin.
Me: Yea, a bobby pin. And duct tape.
Shade: A pen.
Me: And a piece of paper. In case I need to leave someone a note.
Shade: Who are you going to be writing notes? You're taking over the world.
Me: It could happen.
Shade: Oh, and a tube sock!
Me: In case I need to....keep one leg warm??
Shade: If you're in a fire, on the 5th floor and the only thing around is a zipline you can put the sock over it and slide to safety! (duh!) I saw it in a movie once.
Me: I could just put 2 pieces of duct tape sticky sides together and use that.
Shade: Mom! That's just stupid.


In other news, one of my photos was selected as the NAPP Image of the Week. (Permalink here.) so cool!