Found the big box of pre-scrapbook photos. SO cool to relive these just by looking through them. But, a lot of the details are fuzzy! Going to make 2006 a focus on getting some of these on paper, with what I do recall before more of it is lost. Picked up a bunch of frames by My Mind's Eye. Love these. One of my "calling cards" on digital layouts is using frames, but since spending more time on paper, I have sort of dropped it because there weren't so many (at least that I liked.)
SO happy to see these popping up in their Wild Asparagus and Kaleidoscope lines. Also lovin' the new stuff I've been seeing come out of last week's CHA. Lots of blogs have some great pics, check them out (Inspiration links at right.)
Been making some big purchases and decisions lately. Finally orderd the Speedlight 800 flash for my Nikon. Heard great things from several people, most recently Joy Uzarraga, so got it headin' my way! Also got another Nikon, the P1, so I can have a great LITTLE camera to keep with me ALL the time. Blows me away that is 8 MP, so cool. Then we decided we needed another TiVo, with the DVD burner. Too much good stuff we want to see and for some reason, this season, it's all on at the same time. Hello? House AND Scrubs opposite each other? What are we to do? Can't believe I've gone from almost no TV last season to more than I care to admit this one. Good thing I can multi-task or I wouldn't get anything done. We also decided to get rid of all the carpet on the main floor and get hardwood! Yeah! We picked a beautiful medium-dark walnut-ish (how is that for description? Just trying to say it isn't the light oak/pine.) Before the flooring though we need to get some drywalling done so I can get some walls painted. Time for some new colors! And some new carpet for the stairs and upstairs hall. Of course, will we accomplish all this in any good time?? LOL, i HOPE so, but won't hold my breath. (Of course, I can't hold my breath, since a trip to the doc's yesterday labeled me an asthmatic with bronchitis. Three prescriptions - ugh!)
I would be remiss if I didn't ask for a moment of silence for the Seahawks. For DJ's sake.
Have a great week!
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