Pulled this newspaper out of the garbage after Indy had done some painting on top of it. Loved the paint streaks on the newsprint! Thought it suited these pictures of the girls in full mud! Can't tell you how gross they looked, but man was their skin soft afterwards - no lie! Those mud treatments must really work. "Don't get dirty" was of course the first thing WE said and the first thing THEY did! Fun to watch though! Goofy kids. I'm ready for summer for more of this kinda' thing!

In other news, we hit a deer coming over the pass Thursday night. Was the proverbial deer in the headlights with him/her stopping enough we thought, at 60 mph, we could miss her if we swerved right. At which point she bolted right, so we swerved left and she stopped in mid-run and we hit her, probably at about 40 mph. About 30 seconds after that another car pulled over and luckily had a gun (??) - he put her out of her misery. Was horrible and sad and that sound, of a gunshot, in the dark, in the woods, is sickening. Shade and Carsey had just been dropped off with their Dad, but Indy saw the whole thing. Quite upset, understandably so, and inconsolable for most of the way home. This all occured in the Explorer, which, if you remember, I JUST paid off in November. Glad we have insurance, but mostly just sad about the whole thing. The poor deer didn't have "insurance". I realize that sounds stupid, but it just sucks any way you look at it.

And on to yarn. Have you ever seen a cuter thing to make than this? Gotta get that on my needles pronto!