I'm not too late for Studio Friday, it's only 11:36 pm PST! I took Carsey for an impromptu "mommy-daughter" date and we went and saw "Dreamer". Sweet movie. Horses are so beautiful. Dakota Fanning is such a great little actress. We had the whole theater to ourselves (late show, which was a treat in itself for Carsey to get to stay up so late.) Last weeks topic was "Round" which I missed, and this week's is "Sweetness." Since my date tonight with Carsey was so sweet, and I just happened to be working on round Christmas ornaments last night (featuring Carsey's smiling, happy, sweet, face) it was a perfect fit for both last week and this. Two birds with one stone, eh? Now, I've cropped it tight because this is "supposed" to be a secret, like Christmas, not to be shared until December. Don't say you saw 'em here .
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edit: but you CAN see them here.