Here is a sneaky-sneak peek at what I've been working on lately. Just a glimpse 'cuz I loooove to tease. I'll send a little prize to whomever can tell me first where you can find all these pics in their full no-teaser state. hint: lobster
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edit: Lucky Lain! She guessed right, these are all projects I made for November at ScrapsAhoy for our destination of the month, which is Maine. This will be a shameless plug, but I will tell you in all honesty, that is top of the food chain if you're looking for pure talent. I have been to many, many sites. "Belonged" to the communities, contributed, checked out the galleries and not one compares to the consistent quality, fabulous design and just jaw-dropping projects that the scrapsahoy staff produces every single month. I promise, if you're looking for a top-notch site that is free from all the drama and gossip and pettiness like those other sites, then come aboard! In December we're going to Ireland! And Lainie, gifties are on their way to you!