I just need to say that, in regards to being female, having a period every month is the suckiest thing on the planet. Men, in contrast, get to pee standing up. How convenient, how UNFAIR.

When I was younger, in was merely an inconvenience, mostly just "gross" because, as a teen in the 80's, "gross" was the WORD. But since having Indy, 7 yrs. ago, I get the BONUS of cramps each month. Not just mild achey ones, but in-league-with-the-devil cramps. Justifiable homocide ones. It makes me whiney, uncreative, pathetic, unable to work, and honestly, even move.

Does anyone else deal with these and HOW? What do you do for relief? I take as much OTC pain relief as I can, but for about 24-36 hours I am miserable and I can be quoted as saying "just shoot me" to my husband at least a dozen times.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging...