Desperation Canyon b.jpg

I found myself with a weekend to myself recently and almost didn't know what to do! Our air quality is the worst in the nation right now, because of numerous wildfires and our little valley's penchant for keeping the weather (either IN or OUT) so I decided to head UP the first day. Hiked to the top of Red Top Fire Lookout and, while still smoky, it was better than in town. Next I headed north to Omak to check out the 12 Tribes casino. My intention had been to paint, hike and gamble but their smoke was nearly as bad (and actually worse that next morning) so I skipped finding a hike. I then realized I'd forgotten my travel art supplies, so I desperately googled Walmart, knowing it was the only chance I had at finding some paper and color to play with. Sure enough I found ONE sad, lonely, broken kid's watercolor set and a sketchbook and snatched it up. The pigment was pale and chalky but I made do and ended up with a southwest canyon scene that reminded me of the area. I named it "Desperation Canyon" as that was surely the theme of the night (both in painting AND gambling!)