Did you know Sept 1. was World Art Drop Day? A day reserved for artists to secretly "drop" art around their communities for people to find. Blanket the world in art, what a great day! I participated by hiding three watercolors around our beautiful Wenatchee parks, places I visit almost daily. I took photo clues and shared them on Instagram and Facebook. The first one was found within minutes and the recipient posted it on Instagram. The second was gone shortly after, haven't heard anything on the third, but I hope it found its way into the right hands.

I've also been busy with making my little postcards at night. So fun to let each one go its own direction, both artistically, when I make them, and literally, when I mail them out. I belong to where you can swap postcards with people around the world. You're given a participating address at random and you send it out. Once they receive it, and register that they've gotten it, your name is given to someone at random and you get one next. You can have several traveling at once and it's fun to come home and discover a handful of cards waiting for you. I've received about 50 cards total and only 2 have been from the US. They come from countries all over. Many of my postcards I like so well I turn them into prints that can be ordered online ( or ) so if you see something you like, check there first. If you don't find it, just ask, I'm happy to accommodate when I can! Here are a few of the latest ones I've made:

As always, you can click on any image for purchasing and print options.

If you're ever curious what a piece would look like in your home, feel free to snap a photo of your room/wall and send it my way. I'll Photoshop in the piece you're interested in to give you a good idea of how it will look. The example below shows how amazing a large piece of art looks on the wall. Size really can matter here :)

Big Swells.

Big Swells.