She watches over our valley like a proud mother and Saddlerock was one of the reasons I moved here. I distinctly remember driving up Cherry/Orondo on a warm, Spring morning, seeing Saddlerock standing guard, and knew this was where I wanted to raise my kids. I'm not a Wenatchee native, but I have been here more than 17 years and moved here after visiting for only one weekend. Drove back to Seattle after a weekend visit and walked into my job with a company I loved and gave my two weeks notice. Moved here with two young daughters and no job. If anyone I knew said they were going to do that now, I would tell them they were crazy. It must've been destiny because it was the best decision I ever made. I must have a hundred photos, drawings or paintings of Saddlerock, yet I still keep making them. They might all be of the same subject, but each one I look at takes me back to that exact moment. I don't think I'll ever have enough.