A million years ago, or maybe 25ish, before I had kids, I loved to paint. Watercolors my main choice, though I was eager to play more with acrylics as well, I happily painted "plein air", which basically means outside (plain air), on location. And then, as newly married young people do, I started having kids. And I never painted again. Until this summer. I missed watercolor and decided now was the time. I've been going to our wonderful Wenatchee parks on lunch breaks and weekends and happily playing with techniques and enjoying the pure joy of pushing pigment across paper. If you read my blog, you're in on the ground floor, so to speak, as you can watch my work progress (hopefully for the better.) If you've ever wanted to try watercolor, don't do as I did and let life get in the way. Start now. Life is what you do now, not what you used to do or will do "some day."