A couple times a week I try to take a lunch hour down at one of our beautiful Wenatchee parks. I bring my camera, wear my rainboots so I don't have to worry about water or mud, and get as close to the water as I can. I'm always thrilled that no matter how often I go to the same few, nearby places, I always come home with something promising. This trip was literally a 15 minute morning break from work. The beautiful, soft morning light whispered "watercolor" to me (few people know I studied/practiced Watercolor as much as Photography in college) and while my methods may have changed, my love of that look has not. I love practicing digital arts as well and this image begged to be "painted" on my screen. No matter what "tool" you choose to use, use it to put your version of beauty out into the world.

_TKD2314 paint.jpg